Friday, January 26, 2007

I really don't have much to say today. We had Tucker's "old people party" as he called it. The grandparents came over for cake and ice cream. I wanted to have a seperate party for them because when his friends are around the grandparents don't get any attention at all!
I do love Tim's dad! Tim broke the news about his 'supposed' daughter. His dad was madder than all get out! He told Tim to leave it alone, leave it in the past and don't ruin the family you've got now and how that woman was a nothing but trash and a troublemaker and how she just about ruined Tim's life before and how she would destroy this family and on and on.
Aaaahhh... THANKS DAD!
Actually, Tim was supposed to call her last night and he did not. She wouldn't agree to the test so I guess that's that (for now). I'm sure it'll come up again in 6 months to a year and I need to be very careful not to get comfortable with the idea of her not being around.
Tim and his mom brought up something that NEVER crossed my mind. How the first time that little girl came home with a bruise she'd have us investigated for abuse and so forth. I guess she's that crazy (from what Tim's family says). I said OH! I never thought of that... oh yeah, that's not happening here in my reality. This is my life and no one AND I MEAN NO ONE will destroy what God has built and brought together. So perhaps this child is not meant to be. I've looked at it as God was trying to bring her into our life...but maybe I was looking at it wrong. Perhaps the enemy is trying to bring her in our lives to destroy us and God is protecting us by making it not possible each time. I mean each time, we've been willing but we are met with oppostion from the mothers side. I trust my God.
Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

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neicybelle said...

wow...what a as you know it would definitely change and not for the better if that little child came into your life...i've had to deal with visitation since jess was little...her dad would make me account for every little scrape and bruise...and would just make my life as miserable as he maybe this is a blessing in disguise...
take care and hug tucker for me and wish him a happy birthday!