Friday, January 12, 2007

I am leaping today! Leaping in the joy of the Lord!!! He has heard my cry and has answered!!
Last night my husband and I talked and I mean talked, no sarcasm, no raised voices, no defensiveness. Just open and honest. He called the mother of his little girl and I stood there and listened. GOD TOUCHED MY HEART! I mean it, I felt it right there I felt the physical healing! While he talked with her I was calm, I wasn't emotional, I didn't cry, I was level headed. God is so good! I did have to walk out when he started talking about how she had his eyes. That part still rips my heart out but God isn't through with me yet! ( I always dream of what our little girl would like and she has his eyes so this is hard for me). We have given the mother a week to think about paternity tests. It did sound as though she would agree to it. She did say if we do this she wants to know that we are committed to building a relationship with this girl not just for two months. I am going to keep praying to God, to help me love not only to this little girl but to show love and kindess to her mother as well. Not to be resentful that she has made life hard on all of us by keeping her from him for the first 5 yrs of her life. I need God to fill my heart with compassion. I praise Him and give Him glory today for he has already started the healing process and filling me with love! THANK YOU FATHER!!!


Kristi K. said...

I am so glad to hear this, Holli! I truly am!

Emmie said...

hey Holli... thats so nice of u .... Thanks that you liked my site...!!!

God bless !!!

PJ said...

i'm so happy for you Holli!!