Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good morning! Yesterday was a holiday for me and it was needed. Tucker has recovered nicely (and quickly) from the strep and mono thanks to prayer. He was wound for sound yesterday and we were both sick of staying inside! We ran to Burger King and had lunch yesterday, it was his first time eating there. I'm not sure he was impressed but he just HAAAAAd to have a football king bobblehead. WHAT-EVER! I didn't care it got us out of the house.
I hope he does well in school today. I don't know if it's just my kid or what but he gets aggressive and a tad grouchy when he's healing. I am praying he has a great day in school. I'm also anxious to see if (due to mono) he's wiped out when he gets home.
So that's my weekend... sat around with a sick kid. I did get to run to church Sunday morning because I had nursery duty so my hubby stayed w/ Tk. (by the way... TK is for Tucker Kian)
I am glad to be back to work (I know weird). I couldn't take one more day couped in the house with no adult conversation!!
Hope you all had happy Monday's and have an even better Tuesday!


Kristi K. said...

I am so happy Tucker feeling better! Josiah is out of school today due to what sounds like "the croop" and hopefully not strep throat....but he has a sore throat. We'll see.

Hope Tucker continues to feel stronger each day. Tell him to stop kissing those girls in school! ;) teehee! ;)

Elliemarie said...

I'm glad Tucker is on the mend-mono sucks big time.

Funny, I come to work and still don't have any adult conversations...lol. I worked in school age childcare for 6 years and I swear I still prefer kids to adults.

A Burger King bobblehead? That guys creeps me out...

neicybelle said...

sounds like fun! i'm glad he's feeling better! i'm praying for a full recovery for him!!