Thursday, January 25, 2007


I can't believe you are six years old. How did that happen? How did you go from the 20" baby in my arms to the boy who comes to my chest in a blink?
You are the coolest kid I know. You have loads and loads of energy and you are a wild wild boy! I wouldn't want you any other way!! When I was pregnant with you I said I wanted a mischevious, jock, bully of a boy. And WOW did I get it! You are all boy and you are so fun!
I went into the hospital with you on a Tuesday the 23rd. My water broke after a VERY long day at 4:30 on the 24th. You were finally born at 7:27am on the 25th! I had two nurses both with their knees on and in my stomach, Aunt Holly pulling on one knee, Aunt Mindy pulling on the other knee, Mimi pushing on one shoulder, Nae pushing on the other shoulder and FINALLY got you out. If delivery is a sign of the child man I should've seen the stubborn streak coming! You have one 5 miles long!
Your eyes are the neatest most expressive eyes. They sparkle when you are happy and I swear I literally see sparks in them when you are about to do something rotten. They turn dark and brooding when you are angry.
You will never know how you saved my life! Once I had you, I realized I had a little soul that I was responsible for. Because of you, I came back home to the Lord. I will forever be grateful for you.
I love that I am still your favorite playmate. I am going to bask in it for as long as you will let me. I love you Tucker Kian, you complete me!
I can't wait to see you grow, and see what you learn this next year.
This year from 5-6 I saw:
You learn to swim on your own, your first sleepover, your first day of school, your first bus ride, your first T-ball team, first soccer team, first basketball team, your first best friend, you learned to ride a bike, you grew like 4 inches, you learned how to ride a 4 wheeler (and how to wreck one haha) you learned how to control your impulses, how to have empathy for others, how to sound out words, how to add and subtract and so so much more. What an amazing year it's been!
Mommy loves you baby!

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