Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh Lord hear my cry! Renew in me a clean heart and a loving heart!
Please restore the love in my heart where there is hardness.
Please restore peace where there is discontent
Father I want desperately to do Your will Father I do - it's so hard for me to give up control.
To turn my back to my own feelings and thoughts ,it's so much easier to turn my back on You but I know in the end that's the hard way! I know Your way is perfect oh Lord!
Please make my heart leap with love again! Restore my marriage, restore my love, restore our friendship with each other. Lord I cry out to you today praying that You will give me strength, vitality and boldness in You. I know you hear me Lord God! You promised, ask and you will receive, have the faith of a mustard seed and you will move a mountain. Well I'm holding You to it Father. I believe and trust in You and Your ways and Your will!
I give you thanks for the answer to these things for I know that they will be done according to Your will!!
Praise Your Holy Name!!!
In Jesus name I pray,


Kristi K. said...

Thank you for sharing that prayer with us. It was a beautiful glimpse into your heart.

You remain in my prayers.

Emmie said...

so nice and good words... its a true prayer from the core of the heart... so mush passion and love for Him ... thanks for sharing that with us... I would love to visit your blog again... u can sometime drop by My Blog as well... hope u will like it...!!!