Thursday, March 01, 2007

ooo!! Fun WAY extended lunch today... went to formerly known as Parisians (now ElderBeerman) they are having 85% off sales!!!! I got a pair of 69.99 shoes (Naturlizers) for EIGHT count 'em ladies $8.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought a shirt and a sweater and those shoes all for %21.00. It was so fun. I'm getting ready to leave work now (yep 2:20) before you get jealous remember I was up at 4am! :-)
Tonight is my declared night off. No supper, no giving baths, no nothing. I sit and veg in front of the TV and the hubby has to do it all. I LOVE IT! hehehhee
So enjoy your Thursday evening and talk to ya all tomorrow!

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Kristi K. said...

YAY! I love a good deal! Sounds awesome!

I've found that a lot of stores start out with high prices and then REALLY drop the prices when clearance time comes. Jess got a shirt at Elder Beerman's recently for $2.96 that had a super cute saying on it. So cute I can't remember what it says. Ha! ;)

Love this post! Yay for new shoes!