Friday, March 23, 2007

POST 100!! WOW!! I'm a big mouth apparently! HAPPY FRIDAY!!
So, as you all know, I've suffered for the past 6mths with sinus infections. Well, again I have another and this time I went to an ear nose throat Dr. I give up on my family Dr. I do not want another antibiotic! So, this Dr says I am swollen shut on the left side of my nose and not far behind on the left. Gave me 2 nose sprays to use and prenidsone (sp) and claritin-D all together to get the swelling down and dry me up. He did say he thinks it looks more like allergies and is not an infection yet. I went for a CT-scan this morning of my sinus and I go back to his office April 24th and he'll look at the scan then and we'll decide whats next. Why do I think I see allergy shots in my future? Oh I hope not!
So, we went to Frishe's Big Boy (like Shoney's for the southern folk) for dinner last night. It's Tucker's favorite for some strange reason and I am SO NOT a fan! I had a bowl of veg. soup and a pot of decaf coffee. What's the point in eating if I can't taste it anways right?! LOL!
I embossed a couple of things for a new scrapbook page I'm doing. I'm going to love embossing - it turns out really neat! I also chalked a couple of stamps and it looks like a watercolor painting... so cool!
Tonight Tucker is having a friend stay the night and we are going to a local state park on a frog walk at night. We're going to find frog eggs, tadpoles and sit and listen to the frogs. I was excited about the trip originally - but its raining and not going to stop. OH JOY! This is a trip through the school. One of the teachers' husband's is a ranger there so he's going to be our guide. I know Tucker is excited about having a friend stay the night. This little boy is very sweet and quiet UNTIL you get him and Tucker together... this ought to be interesting!
Wish me luck! haha!
Other than that this weekend should be peaceful. I plan to rest ALOT! :-)
Hope you all have fabulous weekends... make sure to get some peace somewhere somehow!


Kristi K. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend for you all. Have fun on the walk; I hope the rain tapers off.

I'm glad you're enjoying your new venture!

Love and hugs!

neicybelle said...

awwwwwww!! the walk sounds awesome!!

hope this new doctor can help you out! being sick is no fun!