Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Good Tuesday morning blogger world.
I am so very busy at work the next couple of weeks. It's time for annual inventory so I won't be around my desk much.
Real quick before I gotta go - You have to see and I do mean HAVE to see the movie Wildhogs.
OMG!!! I laughed through the whole movie - I even snorted - in public!
It was so very funny and I would pay to see it again. I saw a little of Vinnie Barbarino in there (from Welcome back Cotter for you young folk) which I was hoping to see! I don't recall any foul language in it... one butt scene but nothing the kids can't see. It's got to be in my new top 5.
My hubby and I went on a date Friday (which the dealings with him were HORRIBLE) but I didn't let it ruin my dinner at a new Mediteranean Cafe we have in town - it was very good and again the movie was funny. I found a new sitter - and she worked out fantastic!
I won't go into the gory detail of my horrid date w/ my husband (our first alone date in who knows how long and he ruined it) but he did apologize and is trying to make up for it.
So... I guess all in all it was a great night. Peaceful weekend other than that.
This is going to be a busy week with work, church, taxes, a Close to my heart show (going to my 1st show to learn how to sell it) hair appts on Saturday, church and play practice Sunday... oh my... I'm going to need to take next Monday off to rest! LOL!
Oh well, if I'm busy then I can't sit around and feel lonely or depressed! SO I'll praise God that I'm busy and that He's filling my life with great things!
If you are a praying person please pray for my friend Pat. Her family is really going through the toughest of all times and I know she feels so out of control. Please pray that God will meet their needs and He knows what their needs are.
Thank you!


pat said...

Thank you for calling me friend and for your thoughts and prayers.

Kristi K. said...

You want that I should send up a couple of thugs to smack Tim around? ;) Just kidding. Men! I tell you! Ya just never know what to expect from them! Geez!

I think that movie looks hilarious, so at your suggestion I'm going to try and see it. ;)

neicybelle said...

thank you for recommending that movie..i know i can trust you with that! i'm sorry you're date was ruined. i know what you mean about work...things are crazy here...

take care!