Monday, March 26, 2007

Goooooooo mooooooorning everybody!!!! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, won't you be my neigh-bor? (ok, if you don't have Mr. Rodgers you so don't get that goofy little song I just sang for ya). It's a balmy 62 dEgrees outside and ladies and gents it's makes me feel sooooooooooo good! Yes, I am in a wonderful mood for a Monday morning. I've got coffee in me and the sunshine is coming up and I had a great weekend!
Friday- the Frog walk. What an amazing experience. I thought of you Neicey. So, get this, it was like being at a rock concert where the bass literally rattles the insides of your ears! No really, I am serious. The frogs (all boy frogs looking for girlfriends) were so loud and so many that it really hurt your ears! It was the most amazing thing. It was muddy and mucky and so much fun! We got a ton of frogs and let the kids touch them and see them and then let them go again. The boys (Tucker and his friend) really enjoyed it and were so well behaved I couldn't believe it! I had laid towels on the seats and garbage bags in the floors so my car wouldn't get all muddy and good darn thing because we were knee deep in it! So, we got home and stripped 'em down in the garage and they went in and put jammies on and I gave 'em a snack and they were out by 10:30! They got up at 7am Sat morning and I cleaned house. I met Kris to get an order of mine (that she so wonderfully ran around to get for me because she's the kindest person you'll ever meet thanks girl)! We sat in the sunshine and I even got a little burn on my cheeks from it! WOW - I feel the vitamin K coursing through my veins! LOL! I had a pleasant all though too short visit with Kris and then took the boys back home to play outside for awhile. Took Tucker's friend home about 4 and finished up laundry. Tucker and I took a walk about 6:30 and enjoyed the rest of the evening. I got some awesome scrapbook pages done for my demo book thanks to Kris getting my order to me. I did some embossing and chalking and it all turned out really cool. My husband got a kick out of me being all excited like a kid... hey look at my artwork... hehehe! Sunday, we had church, ate pizza there and did costume fittings, and had play practice until 4:00. Again, Tucker was so good it was unbelievable! What a long time for a 6yr old boy to be inside! They play is next Sat and Sun and I really am praying that Lord fills the church pews and that they come in droves to the alter. I'll tell ya' the drama is that good! We have some fabulous talent at our church (which isn't very big) big powerhouse voices. It's very exciting.
Then I washed my car (so my husband would quit nagging me about it) :-) and it looks marvelous! (not).
So that was my weekend play by play.
OH! The ENT! He gave me loads of meds. Steroids, nose sprays (did I tell you this already?) Oh well... I'm saying it again... lol! He thinks it's allergies. I went Friday morning and had a CT scan done of my sinus and I go back to him on the 24th. So until then I don't know anything more except that the meds have opened me up and I can breath! Although, this steroid is a nasty nasty medication! I'm sleepy, a bit quick to temper, and dizzy!
But it's almost gone... I'll be fine!

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Kristi K. said...

Awwwwww, you're so sweet to say those things. But it wasn't any trouble at all, and I had a great day in the process. I'm so glad we got to hang out!

Hey, I know what you mean about those steroids. I used to have to be on them twice or three times a year for my allergies. It was no fun! I would get so angry for no reason. Just a cautionary note: I was more angry the first couple of days OFF of them.

I'm glad you had a great weekend. Btw, did you send me an invitation in the mail to your party? I haven't gotten one to my knowledge. Just wondering. Could you tell me again the date and time?