Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh happy Friday!! It's finally here!!!
I went to this great sub place for lunch today... my friend and I got this booth right in the sun! Oh we could've sat there for hours!! It was so amazing to sit and bask and be warm!
It's beautiful today... makes me want to pull a Julie Andrews (you S of M fans will know what I'm talking about).
I go to my first Close To My Heart party tonight. I'm going to watch my upline/sponsor give a party so I learn how to give a party. I'm excited but now am starting to get nervous. The self doubt is starting to kick in. You know the, Oh I don't know enough people, and I'm not good enough to stand in front of people, I'm not crafty enough to give workshops on how to make something, or the I don't want to bother anyone or want them to feel obligated stuff. I know those thoughts aren't from God. God put this opportunity in front of me and everything fell into place and I know that it will be succesful as long as I use according to God's plan for it!
So, I'm going to take a deep breath now and when I blow it out I will visualize the butterfllies in my stomach blowing out with it. Don't ask me why I have butterflies because tonights party I'll just be another guest! Imagine how scared I'll be at my first party! (which I'm planning now Kris - hint hint)! :-)
I don't really have much other planned. Coloring moms hair and her coloring mine Saturday afternoon that's it. I do hope that the weather holds out - although it's supposed to rain... but better than snow! I do hope you enjoy your weekend - get plenty of rest and relaxtion!


Elliemarie said...

Have a great weekend, Holli, and enjoy the warm weather (even if it does rain). And best of luck with your party. I know you will succeed at this new venture with your strenght and determination!

Kristi K. said...

Hey girl, you send the invite, you set the time, and I am there! I think the stuff sounds neat.

Hope you have a fun time at the party and a very relaxing weekend.


neicybelle said...

wasn't the weather this weekend awesome??!!??

would love to come to your first party!!

hope your weekend was great!