Thursday, March 29, 2007

My poor baby woke me up at 4:00am "Mommy I don't feel good" and crying. Poor kiddo has a fever of 102.2 and was so very hot. Thank the Lord today is daddy's day off because I have a ton of stuff to do here at work. The upside of being woke up at 4am is that I got to work about a quarter to 6! So I have gotten alot done this morning w/ no interuptions. I really am such a morning person. I think clearer and am more motivated! (of course it could be the coffee).
We went to dinner last night at Aculpulco (sp) for my sisters birthday. I love my daddy! He's so amazing and sweet and he's the most amazing artist! He's built me a kitchen island and this thing is gorgeous! I can't believe it! Plus he paints and anything you need fixed he can fix it. He has a heart of gold and he loves his girls! He's the best ever! I am so lucky and I know it!
I had a rockin' work out yesterday. And I feel it today. Actually all my workouts this week have been fantastic. I'll tell ya' I lost 6 lbs and now I am really motivated to keep it up! I'm lifting heavier weights and I feel like such a stud! HAHAHAHAHAHA! No seriously, it's funny, when I'm in the gym lifting weights, I really feel like I can accomplish anything. It gives such a sense of strength not just physical but emotional too. Like I can do anything I want to do - girl or not! I have discovered that I love lifting and I love running. I think these things have become my get away. I would love to be able to spend an hour lifting, an hour running and a 1/2 hour in the sauna. But I don't have that kind of time. But imagine how fit I'd be if I could! ha!
So, that's what's going on in my life. The weather has turned cold and rainy but I look around and all the fields are this bright green, I mean really green. It's so awesome to see everything come to life that even the rain can't depress me now! Tuesday was so fabulous I ran in the house, threw on shorts and t-shirt and hit the deck and sat in the sun, eyes closed and baked. AAhhh, I love to feel the sun soak through my skin (and all the cynics are saying, aaahh, you love to feel the skin cancer eat you up). I use a 40spf sunscreen when I'm going to be in the sun during the summer, and I still get a great tan with that.
Okay, so now I'm rambling. Oh! I have been invited to set up at a business expo in Cincinnatti I hope I can get alot of business from that and also will be at a crop on the 21st. Same one Kris was at last month. Business is looking up! YEAH!


pat said...

Your poor baby is sick. I hope he feels better soon. On the other hand, you sound great. I am happy for you.

Kristi K. said...

I think your world is looking up, and I am so happy for you!

I hope Tucker feels better soon. I also hope you get all kinds of sales from your meetings! You go girl!

PJ said...

I love reading your posts because they are so upbeat and cheerful!

neicybelle said...

i hope tucker gets well soon! sick babies are no fun...

i am so happy for your workout times and your results! i am so looking forward to getting settled in and starting my ourdoor workout!

taking care of yourself physically is so good for your emotional health as well!

aren't dads awesome?