Wednesday, February 28, 2007

POST # 90! Wow and I still have nothing to say! :-0
So things have been peaceful - thank goodness!
I did leave work a little early and go see a friend of mine Chris (a different one) from elementary school/jr high/HS. We last saw each other when I was 19. We lost touch w/ each other after that we both started dating in different crowds and that was that. Girls - if I have learned anything and could re-do anything... I would NEVER EVER lose touch with my girlfriends no matter what crowd I was in. I would always make girlfriend night every week and stay in touch. I hate that I have lost many wonderful women!
Okay so anyways... I went to see her and all I could say was how grown up she looked! She looked so professional in her pants suit and her fixed hair. I was so proud of her! We sat down and here's how to tell a true friend... when you can pick right back up and talk as if you have never been apart! We could've sat for hours and talked. It was so fun!
Home life is peaceful (and I'm enjoying it) and I am still healthy! PRAISE GOD!
I've been doing a bible study everyday and it's helping me. I am finding encouragement in God's word where I never knew where to look before. I am getting ready to start my business and I'm THRILLED about that. It's close to my heart scrapbooking/cardmaking/stamping supplies (kind of like what our Kris sells). I'm thrilled to get started. I can't wait to start making and stamping some pages. So I hope that this finds everyone having a great middle of the week.
Pat - wherever you are (in FL I assume) I am praying for your family and for your marriage and your sanity! LOVE YA!

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neicybelle said...

good friends are so hard to come by...i have kept in touch with my closest friends from high school all these passed away and the other two live on the east coast...

glad things are going so well for you!