Monday, February 12, 2007

Good morning. It's early. And I'm sick yet again! This time I'm not sure if I should go to the DR or the Dentist? My lower gum on my right side is completely swollen and and bleeds if I touch it, under my jaw is sore to the touch and my glands are all swollen underneath and in my neck. I'm losing my voice and starting to get a cough. Soooo... is this a sinus infection that has settled in my gums or is there something in my gums thats caused an infection? Seeing as I floss almost everyday I can't fathom that its the latter. I know - like why am I sharing this information - you totally didn't need to know that! Sorry!
Weekend was good - uneventful. Cleaned house, babysat at the valentine banquet for church, laid around yesterday after church. That's it... it was very relaxing!
Hope you have a great week. I am really hoping that we don't get the storms they are calling for after midnight tonight. I am out of vacation time and will have to take LWOP if I don't come to work. UGH! I am SO over winter!
Oh also... Pat is feeling under the weather so let's keep her in our prayers!


Kristi K. said...

Oh! Ouch! That must really be painful! I am hoping you are on the mend soon! Please take good care of yourself, okay?

Love ya, girl!

Elliemarie said...

Getting sick just sucks. Try and get some rest and feel better!