Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It was 40 this morning when I left for work! We haven't felt 40 in weeks! I can't wait for this junk to melt - yes it's going to flood becuase of warm temps and rain but HEY bring on the flood! Better than snow and ice!
So, I had Joy Fellowship (my church ladies group) at my house last night. That was so much fun! It was called Girlfriends night and we drew questions and had to answer them so we all got to know each other alot better. It was really fun.
Then - my kid came home (he was down at the neighbors). He and his little friend decided to go into the bathroom (Tucker says it was his friends 8 yr old sisters idea) get the beard and mustache trimmer and SHAVE THEIR HEADS! Yep, a big ole stripe right down the middle of his head! So when he got home at 9:00 last night, I had to take him out in the garage to my little salon set up and get out the clippers and shave the rest of his head. I wanted to cry. He looks like a cancer patient! People are going to think I'm the worst mother letting my kid walk around bald. I swear kids!
Other than cleaning my house my weekend was uneventful. I did go to church Sunday (HAD to get out of the house). Then had play practice Sunday after church. So that was nice.
I got closet shelves and bins and Tim hung those up in Tucker's closet so we could get some more organization to his room. I spent 64 dollars on wire shelves and 4 cloth bins. But it was worth it, it looks really good and he liked it and it will keep his room just a little cleaner!
Well, happy early spring to ya'll!


Kristi K. said...

Does my vote count? Cuz I think you're a great mom! ;) Kids! Where do they come up with this stuff? You've GOT to scrapbook about it! It will make the funniest story to pass down to his kids one day! ;)

I'm glad your fellowship went well!

Yay for 40 degree temps!

Elliemarie said...

Ha. This is when you need to take a picture of Tucker and when he brings home his first girlfriend, you can pull out this picture and embarrass the heck out him. Kids do the weirdest things.

And hurrah for the warmer weather!

neicybelle said...

lol!! me and my sisters did that to each other! my poor mother...so she bought us dolls that had long hair and told us to go nuts!

i love spring cleaning! i'm weird that way!