Saturday, February 17, 2007

Oh Lord help me please! ANOTHER 4-5" of snow today and I'm trapped in the house AGAIN! Will it ever stop?!?!?!??!?!?!?
Somebody in a plow please come get me outta here! I can't take 3 days trapped inside this house again!
I was supposed to meet Kris for dinner tonight ... so much for that! Have I told you I hate snow?
Yeah? I thought so.


Kristi K. said...

Wheh. Right you are! I think I am teetering on depression thanks to this weather. I have your order all ready to go, along with a couple of freebies. This weather stinks to the high heavens!

I wasn't sure if you got my "lets go to dinner" email....and your phone number is lost to me, because my old cel phone short circuited that had your number in it. Can you email me and give me your number again? When the snow started, I wanted to call you and say, "If you got my email about meeting at el dorado's, can we reschedule?"

I am afraid to drive in this stuff since my mishap after the super bowl. But it sounds like you were stuck, anyway.

Here's to better weather soon!

Elliemarie said...

Trapped inside for days on end because of the snow...sounds like The Shining! Just kidding (unless Tcuker suddenly starts saying "redrum").

Try not to go crazy being cooped up-I hope you can get out of the house soon!

neicybelle said...

oh holli! i so feel your pain! it's almost over darling...hang in there!