Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hola mi amigos! I thought I'd start with a little spanish since I'm desperately wishing I was in Mexico along the ocean somewhere! It is so darn cold and I've totally wimped out on going to the gym! I can't make myself face the cold!
I did walk a mile in the hallway of my bldg (round and round and round and round) Tuesday. Yesterday I wrestled a little with the kid, ran the vacuum, then wrestled with my husband (if you get my point) so I got some excercise in yesterday. Now Monday... totally sedentary!
I keep saying okay next week no matter what! But geesh I just can't stand that -15 degree wind chill whipping around my legs and hurts my lungs to breath it! If my husband is reading this he's saying" Excuses Excuses"! (hi honey)
So, I never have posted about the crop in detail. Well, I always thought a crop was more like a crafty home int. party. Like you got together to scrapbook while the host "sells" her product. Okay, so it's totally not that way. It really is a bunch of girls getting together to scrapbook, share ideas, share tools and just really enjoy each others companies and each others stories about the photographs! And who doesn't LOVE to tell the story about their pictures?!
She had goodie bags made up that had valentine day banners and borders and velum and stickers for scrapbooks, she had a candy bar and some chocolate valentine candy, she had ribbon and valentine brads in the bags. Now she handmade each bag cover. They were beautiful! She made us fettucini alfredo and chicken for dinner, we each brought a chocolate dessert plus she had chocolate covered strawberries, cherries, bananas, pretzels, angel food cake, mini marshmallows OH MY GOSH could there be more... OH yes! And handmade and iced heart shaped sugar cookies. Let me tell you this 25 yr old school teacher is the craftiest thing next to Martha! She would've made Martha proud! But I got my husbands scrapbook DONE yep for you scrappers I got a WHOLE book done! It contained his newspaper clippings & certificates of achievement and letters from kids etc. I got the cutest police stickers and such and it turned out great! I got two halloween pages done of Tucker. I learned a ton of tricks which include some stamping and "staining" and using the cricut machine. It was really fun! Can't wait for another!
I've been off work most of the week. Was out Monday had to leave early Tuesday and was out yesterday. So this week has flown by! HAHA. Not really, being trapped inside with a 6 yr old alone is really not all that fun. NOW yesterday! WHOA! What a great day. I wish everyday could be like yesterday. My husband is off on Wed. the weather was so bad I couldn't come to work (I have a long treacherous drive in the winter). So, Tucker and I worked on his model car that Uncle John bought him. (it was cute). He painted it and put the stickers on it and was so very proud. Then we played a couple of games. Tim got up and said okay bub get your clothes on... so I piled him into his snowsuit and the boys went out on the 4 wheeler in 5-7" of snow! They pushed each other down and generally had a blast. I took a shower, then Tuck came in while Tim shoveled everything. I then cleaned, Tim came in and cleaned and then he said let's go. We all piled into the car and went to a local pizza joint (SO GOOD) and rented movies.
I finally watched Little Miss Sunshine (so funny) and I'll watch Devil wears prada tonight.
I truly wish my husband worked 1st shift every evening could be spent together talking and playing games. Weekends off so we could run errands and go on dates. Man really yesterday was the best married day in a long long time. It makes me feel so very sad for all the days that are wasted being lonely.
But anywho... life is going along. I'm going to look tonight at possibly selling some stuff called Close to my Heart. It's stamping, card making and scrap booking stuff. Between me and Kris we'll have all you need! Lol!
I'm nervous about driving somewhere I've never been and going to a complete strangers house but I am excited about the possibilities that lay in front of me.
OH! Another thing... I met a lady named Bonnie at the crop I went too. She's new to my church and we really hit it off. Her husband is a truck driver and is also gone alot. We live fairly close (w/in 20-30 min). God is good and always provides what we need if we just wait for it!
So that catches you up on my life.
I wish I could write as witty as Dooce. She's hilarious! I caught her link from child lost page. Really if you haven't visited her site she's really satirical.


Elliemarie said...

The crop sounds like it was loads of fun! Not to mention the food...

Kristi K. said...

Awesome! That young woman really knows how to throw a crop! It feels so good to get a project done! Yay!