Friday, December 22, 2006

A post for Neicy (and really all of you strong women who've been here for me).

I got my birthday present last night from my husband (don't ask). I got the Rascal Flatts CD I've been wanting. Well the very 1st song is STAND. As I read the words I thought of myself and how I handle things and then I thought of Neicy because she is so right here in the middle of this song right now - so here's for you woman!
You feel like a candle in a hurricane
just like a picture with a broken frame
alone and helpless
like you've lost your fight
but you'll be alright you'll be alright
Cause when push comes to shove
you taste what your made of
you might bend til you break
cause it's all you can take
on your knees you look up
decide you've had enough
you get mad, you get strong
wipe your hands, shake it off
then you stand, then you stand
life's like anovel with the end ripped out
the edge of a canyon with only one way down
take what you're given
before it's gone
and start holdin' on start holdin' on
every time you get up
and get back in the race
one more small piece of you
starts to fall into place
So, that's going to be one of my top favs for awhile. God loves ya Neice, and I love ya, and you are going to get up dust yourself off and STAND PROUD! YOU GO GIRL!


pat said...

How are you Holli? Merry Christmas to you and yours.

neicybelle said...

holli...i kept checking blogs over the holidays and somehow i missed this one...but i'm glad i didn't read it until now because i really needed it now...thank you for thinking of me and sharing this...i don't feel so strong...but people tell me i am...i just know i have to keep getting up and dusting myself off and moving on...thanks again!!