Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kids say the funniest things:

Kid: Mom we have a screw house don't we?

Mom: A what?!

Kid: You know a SCREW house! We don't have any lights. Daddy is just an ole screw isn't he?

Mom: You mean Scrooge? Yes he is and yes we do.

Kid: Yeah, Screw, like that mean old man in the movie!

Kid: So Santa lives in North Pole City

Mom: Yep

Kid: He has 6 reindeer and 7 if Rudolph works

Mom: Yep

Kid: Santa has magic

Mom: Yep

Kid: Yep, I sure know alot about this Santa stuff

Mom: Yes you sure do!

See why I love my kid?!


Elliemarie said...

Lol, he is too cute!

Kristi K. said...


neicybelle said...

holli, he is a doll!