Friday, December 15, 2006

I was given this advice right before I got married from a wise christian man whom I dearly love!
If you get into a fight in your marriage, ask yourself is this worth divorcing over - if the answer is no then it's not worth fighting over. I've asked myself that alot and the answer has always been no.
But this time, the answer is yes. Yes, his job is destroying my marriage and I'd rather be divorced than to continue to live with it. So, if its Gods will then he will provide the out. I wasn't a christian when I married this man, so if I married the wrong man God will make it happen.
But yes, I'm ready to be out the only thing stopping me is my child. We just moved into this neighborhood, this house, this life and I hate to destroy my childs childhood. So, I will sit in unhappiness (I won't file - onces Tim is as miserable as I am then he'll file). Poor Tucker, he doesn't deserve this.

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