Monday, December 11, 2006

Another good weekend. Tucker had his first basketball game - let me tell you... that was HYSTERICAL!!!! Once he finally got the ball he grabbed it and ran down the court the whole way... never even attempted to dribble the ball. SO FUNNY! That was a riot. Then I took him to see Santa at his school. It was a PTO thing. We got cookies and hot chocolate and sat and talked for awhile. I just love times like that with my boy! He has the most interesting things to say. Then... mom came over and we all made a gingerbread house, baked and decorated cookies, and made homemade candy. He REALLY enjoyed the house and the cookies. By the time we got to candy he was tired and over it. Can't blame him I was too! Then I cut & colored mom's hair and she colored mine. Very busy day! Skipped Sunday school and went to church folded clothes, and hung out with my boy some. His best friend Spencer came down. He's there EVERYDAY! I told him I was going to go ahead and adopt him and turn my craft room into his bedroom. He just laughs. They said to me once, hey you are different from Spencers mom and I asked how and they both said YOUR CRAZY she's not! LOL!!! Yep, I'm a nut, I sing and dance and make the boys laugh and I hug and kiss and tickle them both. Spencer totally hates kisses (or so he acts) but funny wherever I am so is he. LOL! I had another friend come up yesterday evening and I cut colored and hi-lited her hair. She gave me a pic of Sandra Bullock on the front of Glamor and said I want my hair to look like that (yep Kris I thought of you and what laugh we'd get out of that)! Now if you've seen that pic - this friend has dishwater blonde very thin very fine hair. It took work. I did talk her out of the dark color (didnt' want her to look goth) so we went with a light red (her daughter is a red head) and it turned out gorgeous! I loved it (if I may say so myself)! LOL! Today - ugh - it's dragging! But! I did go to family christian and get the CUTEST gifts for my missionettes class. They had these totally princess hair ties that say God's little princess and some pencils that say Angels are watching over you and a cute little bag with a kitten and it says a little blessing just for you and smarties with scriptures on them. For 5 girls for $12.00!!! YEAH!! I am so glad to have that done. I am starting to look forward to Christmas. Tim got Tucker a 4-wheeler!!! Yep, I am a little concerned because I was cool w/ a 70cc (small one) but he got him a 110! BUT you can govern it down to do 4 mph and it has the parent remote and all the safety features. So I think Tucker will just fall out in excitment! And it's red - his very favorite color!
So that's my life for now...Hoping you all are having blessed days!

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