Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ok, we've now had snow, I'm listening to Christmas music 24/7, I went shopping yesterday and I STILL don't have that fun oh I'm so excited it's almost Christmas feeling. I'm not sure why I just can't get it this year. Oh well, maybe next.
I took the day off yesterday (per my husbands request) and we went shopping and he took me out to eat. We did enjoy the day together but we both said (and this is so sad) that we didn't have as much fun as we wanted or thought we'd have.
I don't know if it's because we spent so much of the day in the car driving or what. The day seemed to fly by!
I've got some more hair appts scheduled for Saturday, Sunday and next Saturday. Wow, it's really cool when you pray for something and all of a sudden it really happens and you didn't have to wait for it. SO COOL! I love doing hair but I sure don't miss doing it for a living.
The rest of my December is very hectic. I'm looking forward to spring already. Geesh, I'm going to have along winter huh?
I do have some fun things planned through church, getting to know some of the people better and I'm excited about that.
My hubby's job still sucks and as far as that goes I'm still taking it one day at a time and believing in God to get me through.
We really need to get worked through this stuff because I want a baby and I REALLY REALLY want it now. I'm ready, I'm mentally prepared to stay up nights, no sleep, am ready (well as ready as one can be) for those terrible, nasty, horribly awful three's! But I know now it's just one year I can make it through and laugh my way through it. If I can just get my oh so very uptight husband to relax this would be great.
Tucker has been doing so fabulous in school. I can't tell you how my heart soars with gratefulness to the Lord for it. It's so awesome! He's a blast and now that he's getting along so well at school he realizes how easy and great life can be for him. I still think Tucker will always take the hard road he's just like his mother after all but hopefully it won't be as hard!
I'm really missing my little sister tons and tons. Why does she have to live in Montanna for petes sake! Its so very far away. I've cried a few times now thinking about her not being here for Christmas. It's not like it's the first time... but this year is harder for some reason. Must have to do with my mood.


Anonymous said...

You have so much on your plate, but you're an amazing woman. I know God is going to work everything out for you...and wipe away every tear from your eye...because you make Him a priority in your life.

Hug Tucker for me! I am so glad he's doing well. He is smart and cute just like his mommy! ;)

Love ya, girl! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

hi holli...i haven't been able to get into the season either...i'm also have a bad case of cabin fever...this storm hit us so hard and we've freezing here...i can't wait for spring to get here and it's not even officially winter yet...

take care...i know it's not easy for you right now...i wish i could help out more...thinking of you!