Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO bored!! So, it's been 1 week today since I've been put on bedrest. The days have actually gone by pretty fast - until today. The sun is shinging and it's really cool out and I keep thinking oh today would be a lovely day for a jog... uh, can't.. ok a walk... uh..can't... great day to move furniture and work on the nursery..uh can't! Lay by the pool? Uh can't too cold!! Freaking weather! LOL!
I've watched enough Baby Story to know that I've frightened myself out of giving birth so this child will be staying in forever. And enough Bringing Home baby to know that I'm giving this child away! LOL! They have those shows on so we'll quit having babies don't they?
My baby shower is Saturday and I'm like WAY SO excited! My BFF Tiffany made (yes as in home sewn) me a DROP DEAD gorgeous dress - totally Hollywood - Jessica Alba and Halle Barry wore one just like it - for my shower. I'm going to be so sexy, mama diva-licous at my party! YEAH! That is one thing I can say about this pregnancy - I haven't felt dowdy and fat - I've felt cute and pregnant and healthy. So different than my 1st one. My shower is at a Mexican rest. which I think is a FABU idea! I mean- no one had to clean their house, no one has to clean up afterwards - no one has to prepare food - its brilliant! I can't wait to be surrounded by the people I love most in this life and by people who love me and support me - to feel so blessed. What an amazing feeling its going to be to be gathered with my favorite people.
I can't thank the girls (Denise, Tiffany and Emilee) enough for all the effort and thought to every detail they've put into it! I don't know what all is planned but I know it's going to be wonderful w/ those 3 creative minds! How lucky am I?!?!
So - that's my life - I get up take TK to daycamp, come home eat breakfast, watch TV, check my email, take a nap, eat lunch, watch TV, check my email and go pick up TK. Eat dinner watch TV and go to bed.
So, you're all caught up! LOL
I did go to the Dr yesterday and everything looks great. The contactions have all but stopped - not even every hour. I feel great, the weight gain is good, I measure out right where I'm supposed to be - so God is good and answers prayers as I already knew He would!


Kristi K. said...

I'm so happy to hear that things are going smoothly! Yay you!

Can't wait to see you Saturday!


pat said...

Ok Miss Holli,
It does not sound to me that you are on COMPLETE BEDREST. Slow down my friend and stay in that bed with feet up. Before, you know it that little darling will be here. Prayers being sent along with hugs.