Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello all - I am requesting prayer from all my blogging friends please.
I spent some time in the hospital last night w/ contractions. Yep, you heard me right. They gave me a shot to stop them, it slowed them, they gave me another shot, it slowed them a little more they sent me home. 30 min later while eating dinner they kicked back in full swing.
So... I went to the Dr today (as I was told to do) and I am now officially on bedrest. They want me to make it another 5 weeks. I WANT to make it another 5 weeks!
But of course, going on short term disability means less pay, bed rest means less freedom. My husband may find this hard to believe however, I do enjoy helping keep our house clean, I do enjoy getting up and doing things. It's going to be very hard for me to stay down. It's going to be very hard on HIM to keep up with everything and work 2nd shift and have me around the house all the time doing nothing. So pray for our peace, pray for our finances and most of all pray for this precious little girl to hold on 5 more weeks!
I am so blessed though! I have had two wonderful friends from church already offer to do my grocery shopping (yep, I'm not allowed to do that either) and clean my house! What amazing people God has put into my life! I trust the Lord to provide for us in everyway. I know He has a plan and that it is the perfect plan - so I'm going to stay upbeat and postive and praise Him and stay out of His way as He carries His plan into action! PRAISE YOU JESUS!
I am feeling better today by the way - have had a few contractions but that's it - they said if they are less than 5 or 6 an hour they aren't going to worry but if I have more than that I need to call in. So - I guess I'll be blogging more since I'll be home to do it!
Thanks for your prayers!

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Kristi K. said...

You are soooo in my prayers! Every day...before this request, but even more so now!