Monday, June 30, 2008

I AM SO BLESSED! WOW! God has surrounded me by the most amazing people. I've had my two baby showers - one that my friends and family threw and one that the ladies from church threw. What a glorious time I had at both and the most amazing girlie gifts!! One of my dearest oldest family friends that attended the 1st shower saw my mom this weekend and said - The love that was in that room was overwhelming - she said when my daughter and I left we both said wow, Holli is surrounded and protected by so much love. (Thank you Ellen). Yes, I have to agree - at both showers - I was surrounded by so very much love! The first shower was at Don Pablos resturaunt - a great place for a shower! Thanks Kris for being there and supporting me!

The church shower was at one of the church members homes on her back porch- they did sucha beautiful job! We played a game that I had never played before - you got a piece of playdough - then you drew a slip of paper w/ some baby related on it. I got rattle- so I had to make a rattle and then everyone walked around and showed their item and whoever guessed the most right wins. IT was soooo funny!!! Let me say - some of the women were so very creative!! Thanks Barbie and Anita - I had a blast!!

I'm going to post some photos - the dress I am wearing was made my dearest BFF Tiffany Star. She did such a GREAT job and I totally felt like a Hollywood Diva since Jessica Alba wore one just like it on Ellen! LOL! Tiff - I love ya and can't thank you enough for the beautiful dress!

I don't want to take apart the diaper cake that Anita and Barb put together because it's TOO cute! The pic of my hubby - oh so funny! He's sporting the Daddy's Diaper Dootie Tool Kit

It consists of goggles, face mask, rubber gloves, pacifiers that say Daddys Little Girl, a pair of tongs (yes tongs) bags to bag up the diapers and of course diapers, butt paste etc. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! We all got a HUGE kick out of that!!

I can't thank everyone enough for all the FANTASTIC and ADORABLE gifts I received for Ms. Teagan Starr the future diva. I also can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support I felt and have received!!


pat said...

Congrats Holli.

Kristi K. said...

That is awesome! That cake is gorgeous! It does look far too pretty to cut!!!! And you look so wonderful in all your pics!

Yay Holli! You are blessed!

Thanks for the birthday/anniversary shout out! Hugs!

Emilee said...

That cupcake dress... really! It's so cute!!!!