Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What a peaceful night! {smiles}
Tucker had a fairly good day at school, he's still grounded from Monday so he couldn't play with friends. So, we curled up the couch with dorito's and the new Mystic Force Power Ranger special the Final Spell. Schwan's showed up and I ordered some Race Trax ice cream and then we both sat down with TWO bowls a piece and ate it! We laughed, giggled, snuggled, loved, and high-yawed each other all night! It was a blast! When that was over we worked on writing some new words, practiced letters, practiced using scissors (cutting on the line) and read and then it was bathtime and bedtime. While he was in bath I read a book my sister loaned me. It's Joyce Meyer's but I can't remember the name... something like woman to woman. It's very good and SO very true so far. A very easy read. I need to go back and write down some of the verses she has in there so I can carry them around with me.
I am supposed to be meeting my friend at Cracker Barrel today... let's see if she cancels. I brought my gym bag just in case.
So, life is pretty peaceful so far without Tim home at night. It'll get lonely in a week or so. OH! And his mom called last night to invite us over Tuesday for thanksgiving dinner (she has to work thanksgiving day). Well, now Tucker and I have to go alone, Tim won't be off that day, I feel obligated. They live an hour away and it's not 6:30. I'm really not close to his family at all. I love his dad but his mom just stares at me. She's a country woman who still lives in 1950's. I have nothing to talk to these people about! And Tim's brother and his family will be there. I try so hard to talk to Beth about the kids and such but she just sits in a chair and stares at her feet and says yes or no and that's about it. I'm totally going to have to psyche myself up for this one! I just don't feel like a part of that family. His mom still talks to Tim's ex-wife and she feels the need to fill me on the details of Sarah's life. Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's great that she still talks to her. They were all very close and I think that's fantastic. But I don't really need to know. Tim's mom I'm sure thinks I'm a monster too because I don't buy her cards and such for her birthday and mother's day. I'm sorry but I feel that's my husbands responsibility to take care of his own family. Well, he hates his mother (she's his step mother but the only mom he really knows since he was like 6 months old). So, he'll send his dad a fathers day card but not send her a mothers day card. I have discussed it with him, that he needs to forgive, he needs to move on. But then I got just a little taste of her favortism (long story) and I got a glimpse of what Tim has dealt with his whole life. So, as a good wife should, I support my husband. I still tell him for his health and his own life he needs to forgive and move on. Anyways... good grief. I had no intentions of rambling on like this. Mercy! Don't get me started on something or else you'll never shut me up!


neicybelle said...

it sounds like an awesome evening...

i am truly sorry about the thanksgiving fiasco...i wish you could get out of it...yuck! will be thinking of you that night!

take care!

Kristi K. said...

I think it's great that you are trying to be a part of Tim's family under the circumstances. However, remember that no matter what you do some people aren't going to change, and you can't take it to heart. You are a delightful lady, and your "mother-in-law" has an attitude that is unfair to you. You have a lot to offer and if she can't see that, it is she who is missing out.

Tucker has a wonderful mom and I am so glad you are having peace in your life right now! What a blessing!