Thursday, November 09, 2006

AaAhhh!!! Now, don't be jealous but today is my Friday. Tomorrow is veteran's day and I have the day off. I so needed a 4 day week. This has been a week full of Monday's.
I have to have an ultrasound on my gallbladder tomorrow morning. So today I have to be on a fat free diet. When the nurse first said that I laughed (thought she was joking)! Then I saw her face and SHE WASN'T! I had to ask - is there such a thing? What can I eat?
So here I sit eating dry multi-grain cheerios. They only have 1g per cup. Today I'm meeting a friend at CRACKER BARRELL! I set this up weeks ago (this friend is very hard to pin down) so I don't want to cancel. So, I will sit and eat a salad while I watch others eat that amazing food! I have several apples to eat throughout the day and plain baked potatoe for supper (EYUCK)!
Tomorrow nothing to eat or drink until after the 10:30 test. I am pulling out of the dr parking lot and hanging a left and heading STRAIGHT to Panera bread for a french toast bagel and a iced caramel coffee! I really don't think they are going to find stones. I think I'm just full of gas and hot air! We already knew that. But seriously on Tuesday I was in so much pain I was doubled over. I had gas pains in my ribs, I could feel a gas bubble up in my shoulder, my sternum hurt to touch it. I was passing gas but getting no relief. So finally after two hours of feeling that way I went to the doc. I've been feeling gassy and nauseous since Sat morning. Weird! So I bet that's WAY more than you want to know! LOL!!!
So my knew attitude toward parenting is working! I'm not taking the things he does wrong personally anymore, I'm not yelling anymore. I just ask "did you do this" and he says "yes" and I explain why we don't do that, maybe do a little role play and say okay, this is your punishment and we move on. It's working. Except for the morning bus but Tim & I had a meeting with the principal & the guidance counsler yesterday and I think we have some things worked out to help him. I see the light at the end of this phase... what darkness will the next phase bring?! Oh I can only imagine. I do love motherhood, even with all the heartache, tears, anger, frustration and sleepless nights it's still the best choice I have ever made in my life. And I have to say... I sure do make 'purty babies! HAHAHA!!
* side note: friend just called- had to cancel kid is sick. So I get to eat cracker barrell next Wed instead. Oh this is shaping up to be a happy day!

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Elliemarie said...

Yay for a happy day! I hope everything works out with your gall bladder-mine drives me crazy!