Thursday, November 16, 2006

Something for me to remember: NOTHING tastes as good as thin FEELS!
I am one to celebrate. I love a good party. I truly, genuinely am excited for someone when something wonderful happens to them whether I know them or not. I cry when I hear tragic news, I cry when I hear great news about complete strangers. I act really tough but really I wear my heart on my sleeve. So anyways, I love to eat. I mean how else do you celebrate? When a group of my friends get together we eat. What else is there to do? Well, I need to remember that even though we are celebrating that I still need to eat healthy. I need to celebrate the moment, the friends, not the food we're eating. (Too bad I didn't read this yesterday before Cracker Barrell and 4 pieces of french toast)!
So aneeeee-waaaayz! I watch Biggest Loser and am so motivated by it! When I go to the gym and I'm tired and I think I can't push this weight up one more time... I think back at that 5'5 245 lb woman pushing weights ALL DAY LONG. I think now if they can do it you most certainly can! I would LOVE and DREAM of hiring Bob Harper to be my personal trainer for even just a month! That's the kind of motivation I need. You think he'd fly to OH to train me?
LOL! It was once my dream (don't laugh) to be in the Ms Fitness competition. Lena Johanesson (sp) rocks. She has this amazing body yet still very very feminine. I am SO not into body building. That's just gross. Anyways, I am getting better, I have found my own motivation. I am going to they gym alone and not in need of a friend to motivate me. In fact I've found I work much harder by myself. I have designed my own routine. I am eating really well (other than the cracker barrell). And I am going to allow myself times of pigging out, I am going to allow myself moments to eat chocolate. I can not deprive myself of sweets. I do however, have to change the way I look at food. That it is not the treat, it is not a reward! I used to go out to lunch on Fri. with the gang here at work. No more. I now go to the gym, I will no longer pig out. every week. I am now putting that $10 I would've spent on lunch in an envelope and will use that money to reward myself with a trip to the craft store or clothes. I mean, that's $40 a month! Eating a huge steak, potatoes, tons of sweet tea, dessert, and greasy vegies isn't worth it! I really need to change the way I think when I go out to eat also. When I am at a resturant I just can't make myself eat healthy. I want to eat what tastes good! I need to find a happy medium in there somewhere. I'm not one to special order things, I get embarrased and never want to put anyone out (even though I am paying them) I don't want anyone to ever do anything extra for me. (of course when that come to a relationship that causes problems). I believe they call it martyer syndrome! That's awhole 'nother post! ok, so I've gone on long enough... I have made some progress and will be proud of myself. I still have more to make. When I look in the mirror instead of saying negative things I'm going to say I see improvement!


Kristi K. said...

You go girl! You are doing so well! Like me, you have back issues, and yet you fight through it and work out! Awesome!

I have worked out twice this week, and feel great! I think the endorphines that are released when I work out help ease my back pain!

This was a very motivational post! Thank you!

Have an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. The only excerise I ever get is typing on a keyboard,

neicybelle said...

yay! way to go! i love working out! i have a hard time during winter and need to get myself psyched for what i know is coming...keep up the good work!