Sunday, April 06, 2008

So, in answer to Pat... we had Chloe Grace picked (which I still love but Dad not so much) so now we're talking about Teegan Star. Teegan means poetic beauty and Star of course - star. Tucker and Teegan... very cute.
Tucker isn't real happy about it - he wants her named Chloe. We shall see. It could change 100 times before August. LOL!
The excitement around here is off the hook - we have furniture picked out we just have to order it, the bedding set is picked out (just gotta order it). You can see it at Walmart it's called Bubble Fun it's pink and brown and olive green. I didn't want to do any themes because they grow out of themes so quickly!
Teegan... huh... I think it's growing on me - although when I'm yelling at her - she will always be Tucker..ERRR TEEGAN... that's a good name too I think! HAHAHAHA!


pat said...

I never heard of that name "Teegan". I think you need a frilly girly name.

Kristi K. said...

Teegan. It reminds me of our cat...Tiga. (Pronounced TEE-GUH.)

Hmm. I think I like Chloe better. But Teegan IS unique.

Jess better be happy that Robert picked her first name...we went with Jessica Kaitlyn...I chose Kaitlyn to be a variation of my middle name...Kay.

But originally, I had Evangeline Faith picked out as a girl name. :) She'd probably never forgive me for a name like Evangeline. :)Of course, there are about 1,000 nicknames that can be plucked out of that name. So, there's an upside, I guess. :)

Whatever you pick, they'll hate when they're teenagers, anyway, so you might as well pick what you like! LOL!