Friday, September 29, 2006

Okay, so I've been snooping in on your blogs for months now. I have fallen in love with you all. Sooooo, that being said I thought I ought to post my own. I do have a site on Family Routes with pics of boy and things about his life. That site is really for family to keep intouch with Tucker's life.
So, I am 34 yrs old. I live in OH. Kris introduced me out here and to all of you. She and I grew up together - lost touch for lots of years and then were reconnected through a mutual friend. Anyways... I have worked for contractor for the gov. for 14 yrs. My son will be 6 in Jan. He is my life. My husband and I have been married for 3 yrs. Let me tell you... if not for God we'd be divorced - not that we won't end up that way anyway! He was a cop many years ago. When I met him he was working somewhere else totally non-law-enforcement related. He had mentioned he used to be a cop and I said nope, don't wanna date you. He assured me he didn't want to be a cop again. So.... 8 mths later (yep we moved really fast - I wouldn't suggest it for anyone else) two weeks before we were married, I asked him, are you SURE you don't want to be a cop ever again. He said yep, I said really Tim I need to know because we really need to discuss the marriage if you think you might. He said nope, never again. Weeeeelllll, one year later he started at the sheriff dept!! Yep, you heard me right! Well, he had started talking about how he wanted to do it on a volunteer basis just one Sat a month. I bulked... (we are both WAY strong willed and bullheaded). Well, I was newly trying to be a Christian - a real one! So I prayed about it. Then one day driving down the road minding my very own business, God interupts my perfect life. He said - Holli this is my will for Tim, give him your blessing. You know your marriage will be rewarded and I will give you the strength to cope. So, I did I gave him my blessings. Well, he's now full time on the sherrif dept and has been for over a year now. Works 3rd shift and he's miserable which in turn makes TK and I miserable! So, now we're at an impass. He has been offered a 1st shift job in the finacial world (the same type of bus. he was in before). He loves his job but hates 3rd shift. I hate his job and 3rd shift. He loved 2nd shift and could possibly go to 2nds, however, I told him I WOULD NOT COULD NOT do that again. If I'm going to be a single parent everyday then I was going to be out having a good time doing it. So, he is torn. He wants to be in law enforcement but he wants to be with TK and I. He wants to go to games and practices. So that's the drama in my current life. That and my poor kid is still full of poop and was up all night crying because he's in pain. Being a mom is hard!
And... I took these incredible pictures last night of the sunset in the rain from my deck. GORGEOUS! However, it took me weeks to even figure out how to post so it'll probably take me weeks to figure out how to post pics! Oh my! Happy Friday to you all!


neicybelle said...

holli!! i'm so glad you got a blog!! it's so good to hear your story! i have so enjoyed your comments, but always wondered about you...and now i know!! thank you!

fyi...i am in NO hurry to get back into a relationship...when i wrote that i was looking years and years down the road...NO hurry...i am going to make sure my head's on straight before i even consider that again!!


Holli said...

I totally gotcha girl!
Thanks for the welcome.