Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pssst. hey brother lets peek at our presents. Photo2... Why yes, I'm quite the gift!
I know, I'm a slacker. If you only knew all the stuff I have to do - you'd forgive me. Things like wash bottles, feed baby, run to basketball practice, go to Zumba, go to church, serve on the Womens Ministry team, attend before mentioned teams fellowships and such that we've planned, work 40 hours a week and oh, shop for Christmas, do hair, bake cookies and peanut butter pies. Oh yeah, and sell Close To My Heart scrapbook supplies hold family dinner for baby dedication, drive to Mansfield the day before Thanksgiving - a 2 hr drive that took 4 hrs - and sometime I need to wrap gifts and do Christmas cards.
Do you know that I haven't had a single photo of my sweet baby even developed yet? What kind of mother am I?
My car battery decided to die on my while sitting at Sonic - had to push it out of the stall into the middle of the parking lot to have it jumped (thank you Tim S.) thank goodness people w/ sense don't visit Sonic when it's 28 degrees outside!
Got a new battery (there went Christmas money) and all is well now - God blessed me and Tiffany w/ an opportunity to laugh till we cried - I mean what else can you do in a situation like that?
So - huh- that makes me exhausted all over again thinking about it all. And - I'll take any advice on getting Chubba Bubba to sleep through the night - yes I'm doing cereal - no help! I did quit nursing her at night - I said that's it - no more- but she still wakes up wants the pacifier and then goes back to sleep. Letting her cry only wakes her more - she gets very very mad and louder and louder with every passing minute. So, got any advice out there ladies or gents?

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