Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And you thought someones belly couldn't get that big?!?!? LOL! I look like I'm about to rip open at the seams. And that is Tucker trying to look like mommy... I promise I really do feed him!

My stitch comes out tomorrow at 12:10. So anytime after tomorrow Ms. Teagan Starr will be joining us. I'm really hoping the sooner the better - I'm tired of being pregnant. Tucker has started football and practice is EVERY night of the week from 6-8. From now until Labor Day - can you believe that - like we have no life?!?! Anyways... I have a neighbor that will take him for me when I first have baby so I have backup thank goodness. His first game is Aug 16th and I really really want to be there for his 1st game! So Teagan - do you hear mommy - you need to come this weekend. YEAH RIGHT! LOL!

Her room is all done and my dear sweet hubby worked his butt off around last week. He built shelves in the garage with doors for storage and he paid to have the carpets shampooed, he put together all of the baby furniture. He worked very very hard! THANK YOU BABY!

So, we're ready and waiting... I'll keep you posted!

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